What is the meat made of?

100% plant products, made of soy protein, vegetable oil, fresh onion, wheat and natural flavors.


 Is it halal?

No it’s not Halal certified. 


Can we have the buns replaced with a lettuce wrap?

Yes, we can replace it with fresh green lettuce. You could also try to upgrade it with onion rings or fries.


 How can we order it?

Dine-in, Take out, Website, all 3rd party groups.



 Is this a limited time offer?

 No, it’ll be available permanently. 


 What is a Veggie Patty?

A burger patty that doesn't include any meat at all. It is only made of natural and sustainable ingredients that are made to be as tasty as a regular burger. 

 What is the difference between a Veggie Burger vs a Vegan Burger?

Veggie Burgers contain dairy products and sauces mostly found in the buns, whereas Vegan Burgers are totally plant-based. 


 Does the burgers have any honey or eggs included?

Honey and Eggs are NOT used for the patty. However, we use egg and milk to produce our oatmeal buns. We recommend switching to our lettuce wrap.

  Could I be allergic to the Veggie Burgers?