Brothers Burgers aims to be the TOP FAST-CASUAL RESTAURANT IN THE PHILIPPINES BY SERVING #MORETHANJUSTBURGERS— a place where our valued costumers can enjoy the improved food OFFERINGS  and still enjoy the classic brothers burger gourmet and flame-grilled experience.



      To continue to give the nostalgic brothers burger experience #since1999 BY serving the SUREPB CLASSIC flame-grilled gourmet burgers AND SANDWICHES along with its improved menu.



Brothers Burger opened its doors on June 23, 1999 during the height of the Asian Financial Crisis by 3 Jose brothers - DJ, Martin and Quito. The vision of the brothers is to share the burger experiences they had while they were studying in California. The task fell on to the lap of Chef Quito to curate that dream because he is the Chef amongst the siblings. What they created was a hand-crafted flame grilled gourmet burger, which was still a novel concept during those times. When we started, two fast food giants heavily dominated the burger market segment, which inspired us to offer something “gourmet”.

Brothers Burger opened the palettes of discerning Filipinos for a gourmet burger, being the pioneering gourmet burger restaurant in the Philippines. The classic burger joint was the first to offer and differentiate your everyday burger with multiple burger blends such as: the blue cheese, cream cheese and garlic toppings on a unique and juicy flame-grilled beef patty, lamb burger, and many more!  

Several years later, Brothers Burger partnered with the Filoil Group (2016) and partially rebranded its look into a more marketable brand, and spiced up the menu mix by adding several more food options such as chicken wings, lettuce wraps, quesadillas, milkshakes, and much more. From then on, with hard work, passion, and collaboration, Brothers Burger continues to seek to expand and please the burger cravings not only locally, but also internationally.

From a humble space in Ortigas and serving delicious mouth-watering gourmet burgers and sandwiches, Brothers Burger mushroomed to every key city in the Philippines, and is soon to open more outlets locally and internationally to #SatisfyTheUrge of burger lovers!