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Our Story

Brothers Burger is the FIRST flame-grilled gourmet burger restaurant in the Philippines founded in 1999 by the Jose brothers - DJ, Martin and Quito. Since then, the brand created a market consciousness that a classic comfort food like the burger can be raised to gourmet levels. Brothers Burger soared into new heights when they revamped the look of the brand during the first quarter of 2018, opened new stores in the key areas and developed new delicious menu varieties such as their very own New York-style homemade hotdogs, tasty milkshakes, soft-serve ice cream, quesadillas, Super Bowls, and chicken wings.

Along with this, Brothers Burger continuously helps and service the Filipinos in-need through their fundraising and donation efforts to local front-liners and the poor as their Corporate Social Responsibility.

From serving the ever-so-classic gourmet burgers and sandwiches, and other luscious food, to continuously expanding and giving back to the Filipino community, Brothers Burger certainly caters #MoreThanJustBurgers!